Vista Hermosa Natural Park

This small park has it all. Minutes from the Walt Disney Concert Hall and Dodger Stadium, Vista Hermosa Natural Park is a local favorite for photo shoots, picnics, soccer games, and more. Gorgeous skyline views? Check. Clean public bathrooms? Check. Free parking lot? Check. 

There are many other parks in the area, such as Grand Park, Echo Park, and MacArthur Park, so why visit Vista Hermosa Natural Park? The tranquil ambiance makes all the difference.

Picnic blankets dot the green meadows, with plenty of space to stroll and select your ideal grassy spot to bask in the sun. Joy fills the air, and you might even encounter an energetic puppy or two. 

Pleasantly meandering paths lead to several secluded picnic tables and benches. Complete with a playground, this well-maintained park is a peaceful treasure tucked in downtown L.A. 


Whether you’re a resident or a traveler, don’t miss this quiet destination to unwind in the city. It’s worth staying for the spectacular sunset views of downtown.

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