The Last Bookstore

A popular refuge in Downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is an authentic cultural destination and book-lovers utopia.

Gravity-defying arches cleverly integrate with comfortable reading nooks to create an inspiring community space. The stunning design is part of The Last Bookstore’s magnetic appeal.

Browse original art, rare books, a remarkable vinyl collection, the $1 section, and more. Among the largest indie bookstores in the world, The Last Bookstore is impressively organized and easy to navigate.

For the behind-the-scenes story of The Last Bookstore, watch this 11-minute award-winning documentary: Welcome to The Last Bookstore.

Iliad Bookshop

Sink into a couch, take in the magical scent of old books, and nourish the soul with an epic story. 

A North Hollywood haven, travel to the Iliad Bookshop to explore a quietly inviting space, complete with literary-themed murals, helpful staff, and lounging cats. 

Named because the original location was next to Odessy Video, the Iliad Bookshop carries a vast inventory of over 150,000 used books, specializing in arts and literature; discover sci-fi journeys, graphic novels, rare titles, and other gems. 

Skylight Books

A cozy neighborhood favorite in Los Feliz, Skylight Books is a hub for literary events and a place to find some of L.A.’s best book clubs and reading groups.

Attracting authors for readings and signings, as well as celebrity shoppers like Chris Pine, Skylight Books is about being on the cutting edge of culture in L.A. 

This bright, open, and neatly organized little space (with a large tree centerpiece) invites browsing for both popular and unique local finds. 

Supporting Mom & Pops

Bookstore spaces like these provide a welcome escape from a sweltering summer afternoon (or that rare rainy day in L.A.), each with a distinctly different vibe. They’ve created a home away from home where we can joyfully discover hidden treasures that we wouldn’t find on Amazon.

These three destinations are a small facet of the vibrant L.A. indie bookstore scene. There’s something for everyone; which vibe interests you the most?