Griffith Park

If you’ve seen the 1955 classic Rebel Without a Cause or the 2016 film La La Land, you might recognize parts of Griffith Park.

Experience La La Land’s romance in real life, from visiting Cathy’s Corner, where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone performed “A Lovely Night,” to reliving unforgettable scenes at the Griffith Observatory and Samuel Oschin Planetarium

Griffith Park is a cultural icon that rewards travelers with spectacular views extending from the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood Sign, Downtown Los Angeles, and the Pacific Ocean.

With 4,511 acres and over 70 miles of
hiking and equestrian trails, Griffith Park is five times the size of New York’s Central Park (map). In addition to the observatory, outdoor theater, and zoo, there are golf courses, museums, and playgrounds.

Griffith Park is a gem for film buffs and nature lovers alike.