L.A.’s Food Hub

Most of us have never lived through a global pandemic. But downtown’s Grand Central Market has. It opened in 1917, the year before an influenza pandemic killed 50 million people worldwide.” – Lucas Kwan Peterson

Grand Central Market is a bustling culinary hub of downtown, where the Los Angeles community rubs shoulders in the century-old historic alleys under the glow of neon signs. The heart of L.A.’s food scene is here – flavorful vegan ramen, gourmet breakfast eggs, Thai street food, and more. 

But don’t worry if rubbing shoulders with strangers in 2020 sounds horrific; Grand Central Market adapts to the times. Reduced to two entry points and 60% capacity, Grand Central Market encourages the use of its provided touch-free hand sanitizer and requires masks. Distancing and extra sanitization measures are in place as well.

As the pandemic devastates the restaurant industry, Grand Central Market is also taking steps to diversify its vendors by inviting independent artists and merchants to set up Thursday through Sunday. Shop local and eat safely while basking in L.A.’s fascinating history (such as the famous 1920s office tenant, architect Frank Lloyd Wright)

Don’t miss dessert: founded in Santa Barbara, McConnell’s is hands down my favorite ice cream in California. Lucky for downtown residents and tourists, there’s an L.A. location in Grand Central Market. Trust me; it’s the best.